Cole Johnson
digital designer

I'm a 21-year-old Human Centered Computing Student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Originally from the small truck-stop town of Tok, Alaska, I moved to Rochester, New York three years ago.

My path to design has many twists and turns.

I started freshman year as a computer science major, transitioned to Web and Mobile Computing in search of more user interaction, and found myself being one of the first transfers into the newly launched Human Centered Computing program. Design to me is communication, and each major I've been in exposed me to the idea of design in different fields, like a language in different dialects. But now I feel as though I've found my spot in the college, and not a moment too soon. I've got a lot to learn, and a lot to create.

I have found numerous opportunities to contribute and lead here at RIT and in the city of Rochester. I was elected President of a budding UX Club, and plan on holding instructional campus-wide workshops throughout the semester. At our college radio station WITR, I conduct social media, press, and promotional material as Promotions Director. I also host a bi-weekly electronic music radio show on Sunday nights, helping provide an soundtrack for students burning the midnight oil. Outside of school, I participate in the Rochester Chapter of the National Stuttering Association as Chapter Leader, leading monthly group meetings for stutterers and speech pathology students. In the late hours, I'm feeding my remaining passion to starting a clothing brand with a good friend of mine. Almost a year in the making, we're planning for the first release in late February.

In college, I have discovered myself to be a fast-moving individual with a hankering to create, explore, and get involved. I pursue my passions and know well the value in hard, consistent effort. Take a peek at my resume and feel free to get in touch!

"The book you don't read won't help."      
- Jim Rohn

The basic principles, wonderfully arranged. The included examples really make this book.

This book scared the hell out of me and the National Security Agency.

No explanation needed, I try and skim this once every couple months.

Smith tells a hellishly viseral and stomach clenching odyssey that takes place in 1960's Africa.

Everyone should read this book in high-school. The go-to definition of design.

Wonderful guide to user-engagment. Pick it up if only just to learn the Hook Model.

It's about time I read this. In progress.

Hey I didn't have to read this, I CHOSE to. But really, great read on what's really important in life.