Cole Johnson
digital designer


A hub-less smart home platform that stands to be universal across smart devices.






Rochester, NY


UX/UI Designer

Goal: create a smart home experience that's easier then turning on a light switch. Albeit a little gung-ho, the meaning behind it is simple. Smart home solutions with software and connected devices need to provide clear and accessible advantages to traditional home control. The Internet of Things market contains many solutions and innovations, but without good interface design, they just won't hold up.

Approach  -  The Card System  -  Platforms

In the new realm of smart home technology, products should provide convenience over another unnecessary process. In a lot of Cenify's UI, you'll see familiar controls and elements. As a platform, Cenify will be dealing with a long list of devices spanning various functions and requirements, and it's important to keep our library of UI elements consistent so users can become familiar and stay familiar with the app's interactions.

Right: Grid of various rooms in a home.
Left: Various device cards for a bedroom

The Card System
We chose to use a card system for devices for multiple reasons. A card could encapsulate device controls and specific device settings in visual manner. Cards are devices. Cards can be reordered, sorted, deleted and added. Each card has two sides. The front or "small card" is limited to binary functions and small read-outs or statuses. Tapping the whitespace of the card flips it, to show the back or "large card." Large cards house more sophisticated and less commonly used functions, settings for grouping and "scenes," as well as any devices specific settings.

A companion app for Cenify's Alarmify, a smart connected alarm clock.

The Cenify platform bases itself mainly on iOS with Android and desktop versions currently in development. Designing for the iPhone has been my primary focus throughout the course of my work. I quickly found our style, created layouts, and fleshed out user flows. It's difficult working with some of the limitations of iOS, and catering to a less open system (as the developers I work with are so quick to point out).

Wearable UI for a smart heated jacket, contracted though Cenify.