Cole Johnson
digital designer

My name is Cole, and I'm a senior studying Human Centered Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've spent time with digital designers at Makeway, smart-home developers at Cenify, and a number of amazing clients during my time freelancing. *Enjoy this version of my portfolio while it lasts, v3.0 is right around the corner. learn more...

Selected Works

Casa   UX/UI, User Research, Mobile

A scene focused, AI infused, smart home app concept.

Modus   UX/UI, User Research, Mobile

Leading design and assisting development of a procrastination killer.

Layline Advisors  Branding, Web & Print Design

Led design of branding and online presence for an independent investment advisor

Tat-Erase U.S.A. for Makeway

Led design of a personable site for a sensitive business

Cenify   UI/UX, Mobile, Design Systems

Led design of a mobile UI for a smart-home startup

Personal Projects

BRB  UX, Web App Dev

You're away from you computer, but you'll be right back

Link  UX, Research, Product Design

A dynamic online business card for all the facets of your social and professional life