Cole Johnson
digital designer


An online business card for all the facets of your social and professional life


Personal Project




iOS Application



Link allows you to share contact information as well as social media accounts with people you meet online, and in person. It goes beyond the traditional business card, offering different options for sharing information and the ability to selectively share all your facets of social presence online.

Problem?  -  Solution  -  Audience  -  Anti-Use Cases

Do business cards do their job? Absolutely. Are they easy to use, dynamic and change the way you meet people? Probably not. A product ripe for innovation!

Business cards are horribly ineffective in this century and provide limited information by design. Natural connection of people through social networks, while organic, is slow and inconsistent. Our acutely social generation is one with a diverse online personality and thirst for ease of use and speed. Meeting new people and building relationships takes time, with lots of moving parts (and waiting) involved.

Link incorporates your contact information as well as social network profiles into a single dynamic directory. From there, choose what you like to share when you meet new people. Link allows you to curate the way you exchange contact information and connect on social networks. Share everything, or share only what you'd like.

With users commonly being on more than one social network, it can be a tedious process to "link up" with someone you've just met. Usernames can be inconsistent, and going from app to app searching names is inefficient. Link users can share a generated link (or QR code, or through bluetooth "nearby") and opening the link will take a recipient to the Link web app or Link app, where they'll be able to view what are essentially hyperlinks to the social media profiles that the Link user sender chose to share.

The audience is anyone who actively networks, specifically young adults, young professionals, and people in the business field. Premium features will cater to more business oriented people, those who value social visibility and swift social action.

Anti-Use Cases
A couple playful conversations to help illustrate the social situations that Link would aim to solve.

Going Lo-Fi
For the first round of lofi's I focused on the two most crucial screens in the application. The Dashboard, and the Link preview screen. In sequence, these two screens make up the entirety of the Link creation interaction. It's crucial that the logical flow between the initial and preview is visible and apparent.

First Round Hi-Fi
Because of the importance I'm putting on a singular feature and function in the application, I'd really like most of the visual design to melt away in affordance and simplicity. This quick first round of design comps helped me feel out a visual style and explore layout option, especially for the card preview. Following comments from initial lo-fi evalulations, the first screen options have more of a button affordance and the following "ways to share"options have helper sub-text to reduce reliance on icons.