Cole Johnson
digital designer

Tat-Erase U.S.A.

A tattoo removal business in need of a personable brand.






Rochester, NY


Lead Web Designer

Tattoo removal is a touchy business. More often then not customers have tattoos removed for sensitive and personal reasons. Creating a web presence that was not only approachable but empathetic would help customers overcome fears and take the first step towards consultation.

Web Identity  -  Industry Research  -  Challenges

Web Identity
Tat-Erase U.S.A was a client of Makeway, a design agency in Rochester, NY. I was lead designer for Our client wanted to provide the utmost level of care and respect while maintaining a professional service. The brand they envisioned emphasized “new beginnings, and fresh starts”, moving past tattoo culture. Warm tones and imagery of bare, beautiful skin focused on the possibilities of tattoo removal.

Various imagery focused on bare skin as opposed to tattoos.

Industry Research
My scope of research started narrow, but quickly widened. Tattoo removal is quite the niche industry, and finding good examples of web design within it was difficult. It was far easier to draw inspiration from websites in the salon and cosmetic industry. What I did learn from these tattoo-removal websites is the language they used. Language that prioritized the customer, and down-played the laser procedure. This aligned with the client goals, focusing on the benefits of tattoo removal.

A easy to read process helped educate site visitors to the steps necessary for most tattoo removals.

This was one of my first experiences working with a client through a consultant. This was also the first time I'd designed with a brand already in place. It was challenging working with the consultant goals and constraints. Examples shown here are not necessarily what was put into production.